Our favorite lakes around Munich (2023)

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Say your vows in a museum surrounded by contemporary art, throw a luxurious wedding in a baroque manor house with Tuscan flair or keep things low-key among meadows and fields in the garden of a listed manor house—discover four special wedding venues from our Weekender Editions.


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Good turning trenches

Berlin city centre100 km

Weekender Edition Berlin Vol. Ip. 286

Car90 min

PT120 min

Our favorite lakes around Munich (4)

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It’s not without reason thatGood turning trenchesis often referred to as ‘a little piece of Tuscany in front of the gates to Berlin’—the resemblance is uncanny. Nonetheless, the listed complex is located in Brandenburg by the Havel near Breitlingsee and Möserscher See. The fields and forests encircling the property truly make it an idyllic getaway. Gut Wendgräben’s owners went to great lengths while renovating it with a clear vision in mind. Its main building, outhouse and baroque manor house eleven apartments.

Gut Wendgräben offers the ideal setting for a relaxed and intimate wedding—if you rent the estate for an entire weekend, the hosts will make sure you have it entirely to yourselves. Whether you celebrate inside or outdoors, the lush courtyard, brick farmhouse, annex, half-timbered barn and main manor house provide space for up to 145 guests. The individually furnished holiday apartments can sleep up to 53 guests. Further accommodation can also be booked nearby if needed. What’s more, you can enjoy all the party planning essentials in one place—Gut Wendgräben is equipped with furniture, glasses, tableware, lighting, speakers and everything else you might need to make your wedding a success, saving you lots of hassle on the organisation front.

DirectionsGood turning trenches


Matador Lodges

Munich city center98 km

Munich Editionp. 130

Car<60 min

PT<75 min

Our favorite lakes around Munich (5)

Just a stone’s throw from the so-called Bavarian Sea’s southeastern shore,Matador Lodgeshas accommodated nature-based vacations, group gatherings and workshops since 2020. The modern cottages designed by hosts Martin Imdahl and Stephanie Magg and a lovingly renovated historic villa set against the Chiemgau region’s idyllic landscape provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing escape. Groups can rent the apartments in the villa. The tree house, garden houses and water houses are best-suited for couples. Let your gaze wander across the crowns of the treetops six meters above the ground or watch the gently rippling surface of the natural pools onsite. The southeast and southwest-facing terraces of the apartments are excellent for watching the sun rise or set or yoga on the deck.

Matador Lodge’s 7,000 m2 grounds and unique architecture create a truly special setting for an unforgettable wedding. Rent out the entire hotel to have this patch of paradise entirely to yourselves for the weekend. A covered outdoor area can host up to 70 pax., while indoor facilities have room for up to 50 pax. A total of 26 guests can stay the night in the four apartments and cottages. Whether you’re craving a low-key barbecue dinner or fine dining menu—you can also book catering for simple aperitifs, a multi-course dinner or brunch the next day through the location.

DirectionsMatador Lodges

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Good Pohnstorf

Berlin city centre204 km

Weekender Edition Berlin Vol. IIp. 76

Car<180 min

PT<240 min

Our favorite lakes around Munich (6)

Kamila and Fabian only pictured themselves living in Berlin. Until the sudden opportunity to take over a listed 1850s manor house at the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fell into their laps in 2018. The duo has welcomed guests toGut Pohnstorf’sfamily-friendly atmosphere ever since. Guests are invited to choose from six apartments and a double room named after prominent female figures from the 19th century. The timber frame house, antique furniture, designer lamps and modern art invite you to let the hours roll by. You can roam around the expansive garden by day and read books in front of the fireplace by night. The breakfast buffet features fresh ingredients from the garden and the surrounding region, making it definite highlight. Guests are free to use the onsite kitchen throughout the rest of the day. You can also pre-order an organic produce box, catch your own dinner in the neighboring trout pond, or take in the historic ambience and treat yourself to a meal at Stadtmühle Teterow.

Gut Pohnstorf hosts seminars and retreats and is a superb venue for weddings. Whether you want your big day to be luxurious or laid-back, this manor house is a beautiful setting for wedding parties of up to 60 people. 30 guests can spend the night in the onsite manor house, while the rest can easily find accommodation in nearby lodgings. The banquet hall and common areas provide plenty of space indoors, while the 10,000 m2 grounds are particularly suitable for outdoor weddings in spring and summer. In addition to serving their classic breakfast buffet, Gut Pohnstorf’s hosts are happy to organize catering for the occasion. If you’re planning a civil ceremony before the festivities, you can get married in the tastefully designed hall at the local Ratshaus in Teterow.

DirectionsGood Pohnstorf


Crane Museum & Hotel

Hamburg city centre164 km

Weekender Edition Hamburgp. 224

Car<150 min

PT<240 min

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Our favorite lakes around Munich (7)

You don’t stumble across a contemporary art museum and hotel that effortlessly blends the past and present under one roof every day—art historian Bettina Klein achieved this feat at her estate in the small village of Hessenburg, not far from Saaler Bodden. The videos, sculptures and installations exhibited on the upper floor share some commonalities with the six tastefully furnished hotel rooms—the curators demonstrate their ability to grasp trends without going over the top and place their trust in their roots yet steer clear of kitsch. After exploring the Baltic Sea’s wild beaches, a warm bubble bath in an antique freestanding tub awaits you back in your hotel room. Listen to the soft crackling wood burning in the cast-iron stove, or sit by the window and watch the cranes soar by. Come morning, Bettina Klein will spoil you with her homemade delicacies—she serves cakes, tarts and sometimes even a 3-course menu in the in-house café, Kranichcafé, under old fruit trees.

If your vision for your wedding includes an extravagant atmosphere surrounded by contemporary art,Crane Museum & Hotelis just the place. The 1840’s manor house can cater to different group sizes. Six apartments in the manor house, two studios in the attic, two apartments in the garden house and a forge on the grounds offer plenty of space for wedding guests to stay the night.

DirectionsCrane Museum & Hotel

Our favorite lakes around Munich (8)

Exceptional accommodations that vacation near the shore
make it an adventure

In ourWeekend editionswe present the 50 most beautiful accommodations near the water that invite you to stay overnight. The selection goes from the Berlin area to the beaches of the Baltic Sea around Hamburg and further to the Alps south of Munich, where lovingly renovated farms, architect houses, stylishly furnished tiny houses and idyllic hotels await visitors. The operators who make them something special are also presented.

But also in oursSee Editionswe take you to special houses, vacation homes, apartments, hotels, campsites and cabins. The carefully curated accommodations are the perfect base for overnight stays before setting out to explore the waters featured in our Take Me to the Lakes Editions.


Gut Pohnstorf, Hasenbank family, Claudia Gerhard, Elena Wagner, Philipp Obkircher, The Gentle Temper

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Our favorite lakes around Munich? ›

Starnbergersee or lake Starnberg is the closest and most popular lake near Munich. On hot summer days, many people escape Munich and flee to the beaches of Starnbergersee. It is also a very popular lake for sailing and stand-up paddling.

What famous lake is near Munich Germany? ›

Starnbergersee or lake Starnberg is the closest and most popular lake near Munich. On hot summer days, many people escape Munich and flee to the beaches of Starnbergersee. It is also a very popular lake for sailing and stand-up paddling.

What is the closest lake to Munich? ›

Located only 27 km south off the city, Starnberger See is Munich's closest neighboring lake. With a depth of about 127 meters, covering 57 square kilometers, and offering a view of the Alps, this lake is quite a sight to behold.

What is the clearest water lake in Germany? ›

Konigsee (meaning King's Lake), a lake near the German-Austraian border in district of Berchtesgadener Land is said to be the deepest and cleanest lake in Germany.

What is the biggest lake in Bavaria? ›

Lake Chiemsee is Bavaria's largest lake and is located about 70 kilometers from Munich. The lake in Chiemgau is a vacation region with many recreational opportunities for families.

What is the clear lake near Munich? ›


Lake Walchensee is known to be one of the deepest alpine lakes in Germany. The clear waters are approximately 200 metres deep and the lake is spread over an area of 16 km sq. Walchensee in Munich is best appreciated if you drive up into the neighboring mountains and take in the panoramic views.

Which lake is often called the Pearl of Italian lakes? ›

Bellagio is known as la perla del lago (the pearl of the lake) and is considered by many to be the most beautiful and romantic town on Lake Como, if not in Italy.

What is the cleanest lake in Bavaria? ›

Tegernsee: crystal clear water

50 kilometers southeast of Munich lies one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria: the crystal-clear water of Lake Tegernsee is of drinking water quality.

What is the five lakes region in Munich? ›

The Five Lakes region is about 30 minutes away from the state capital of Munich, Bavaria. The area includes the 5 lakes – Lake Ammersee, Pilsensee, Starnberger See, Lake Wessling and Wörthsee.

How far is the Rhine River from Munich? ›

How far is it from Munich to Rhine River? The distance between Munich and Rhine River is 587 km. The road distance is 726.3 km.

Where is the bluest lake in the world? ›

The Blue Lake, New Zealand

This lake on New Zealand's South Island is the clearest lake in the world, according to science. In 2011, scientists from the country's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research conducted a study and found that the clarity of the lake is surpassed only by very clear seawater.

Why is German water so clean? ›

The quality of German tap water is strictly regulated by the government, making it one of the cleanest tap waters in the world. Some regions in Germany have harder tap water than others, which might affect the taste. However, scientists and studies have found that it is safe to drink and not harmful to human health.

What is Europe's cleanest lake? ›

Lake Annecy originates from around 18,000 years ago, as a result of the melting of glaciers in the Alps.

What is the main lake in Germany? ›

Lake Constance

The largest and deepest lake in Germany, which shares its shores with Austria and Switzerland, lies in the very south of the Federal Republic of Germany.

What is the biggest natural lake in Germany? ›

Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany, bordering both Austria and Switzerland.

What is the largest lake entirely in Germany? ›

The largest lake on German territory is Lake Constance, while Lake Müritz is the largest lake located entirely within German territory.

Can you swim in Munich? ›

Munich's bathing waters. Bathing, paddling and swimming in the Isar river in the heart of a city like Munich is certain to delight!

How to get to lake Eibsee from Munich? ›

The most convenient way to get to Eibsee from Munich is by train. Just take a regional train from Munich central train station (München Hauptbahnhof) to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Trains are generally available at hourly intervals.

Can you swim in Clear Lake? ›

Clear Lake State Park is on the shores of California's largest freshwater lake. The area is popular for all kinds of water recreation, including swimming, fishing, boating and water-skiing. Anglers can catch largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill and channel catfish.

Which is prettier Lake Como or Lake Maggiore? ›

It's just as beautiful!

Lake Como is arguably more dramatic when it comes to scenery, probably in large part because the mountains seem to almost rise directly out of the lake itself but, in our opinion, this doesn't make it any more beautiful than Lake Maggiore.

Which is nicer Lake Como or Lake Garda? ›

“The Lake Garda region must be one of the prettiest places on earth – quite simply breathtaking.” On the other hand, Lake Como is more peaceful. While the lake is accessible to day-trippers from Milan, every town and village around its edge is more spread out than Lake Garda's, making Lake Como appear less popular.

Which is the most beautiful lake in Italy? ›

Not only is Lake Garda breathtaking, with its crystal clear water, but there are many charming towns to explore and outdoor activities to enjoy in Garda. The Madonna Della Corona, founded in 1625, is a must-see!

Where is the purest lake in the world? ›

Located in the top half of New Zealand's South Island, Blue Lake is said to be the clearest lake in the world.

Can you drink the water in Bavaria? ›

Munich's tap water comes from the beautiful Alpine foothills of Bavaria and is heavily regulated by Germany's strict water treatment regulations, the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Ordinance. As such, it consistently ranks among some of the best tap water in Europe.

What is the clearest cleanest lake in the world? ›

Blue Lake, New Zealand

Blue Lake has underwater visibility up to 70 to 80 meters or 230 to 260 feet down, which is insane! Apart from being the world's clearest lake, it's also the clearest body of natural freshwater. The water in Blue Lake is comparable to distilled water based on laboratory measurements.

Which river does Munich sit on? ›

The Isar flows through Munich from south to north for just under 14 kilometers and, with its flat banks, gravel bars and floodplains, is now the most important central recreational area in Munich . The riverbanks are perfect for cycling, walking, relaxing and barbecuing.

What river runs through Munich? ›

The Isar accompanies the people of Munich through all the stages of their lives. As a bathing and leisure paradise in the city or on the way to many attractive places up- and downriver.

Where is the main part of Munich? ›

The best area to stay in Munich for first-timers is Altstadt-Lehel, also known as the historic center of the city. This is where you'll find all the most important landmarks of Munich, including Marienplatz (the central square of the city) and tons of great restaurants and pubs.

What is the prettiest part of the Rhine River? ›

The most beautiful section of the Rhine Valley is the Upper-Middle Rhine Valley, between Koblenz and Bingen. This section of the Rhine valley is often called the Rhine Gorge or the Romantic Rhine Valley, and is known as one of Europe's most picturesque landscapes, and it's not hard to see why!

What time of year is best for Rhine River? ›

Late April to early June and September to early October are widely considered the best times to cruise the Rhine River due to ideal weather and crowds, though cruise prices are correspondingly higher during these periods.

Can you walk along the Rhine? ›

This trip involves 6 (or 3) days walking along wine-grower paths, solitary walking paths and old bridle paths. Good fitness and sure footedness is required for uphill/downhill sections on the mountain ridges of the Middle-Rhine valley.

Which is the mystery lake in the world? ›

Roopkund (locally known as Mystery Lake or Skeleton Lake) is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India. It lies in the lap of Trishul massif.

Can Americans drink German water? ›

The answer is yes, you can drink the tap water in Germany! In fact, it's some of the cleanest and safest water in the world. The German government has strict regulations about water quality, and the country has an excellent water treatment infrastructure.

Do you tip in Germany? ›

In Germany, tipping is a voluntary act with which one can express one's satisfaction with a service. It is customary to tip in restaurants, hotels, cabs, at cloakrooms and at the hairdresser. The amount depends on the price of the service and the occasion.

Is it safe for Americans to drink German water? ›

The quality of drinking water in Germany is good or very good. It is regularly monitored at short intervals and complies with the stringent quality requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Which European country has the best bathing water quality? ›

In four countries, 95% or more, of bathing waters were of excellent quality: Austria, Malta, Croatia and Greece. Additionally in Malta, Bulgaria, Romania and Luxembourg, all assessed bathing water sites were of at least sufficient quality in 2021 (Figure 2).

Where has crystal clear water in Europe? ›

For clear turquoise waters: Voidomatis, Greece

The river Voidomatis in Greece is one of the cleanest in Europe.

Where is the oldest lake in Europe? ›

Lake Ohrid is considered the deepest and oldest lake in Europe. It was reported that the Lake has the most biodiverse freshwater bodies of water in the world with many endemic species. On the boat, the scenery was breathtaking with the crystal clear water and beautiful shoreline. Do not miss this place in Macedonia.

What is the underwater city in Germany? ›

Rungholt was a settlement in North Frisia, in what was then the Danish Duchy of Schleswig. The area is today located in Germany. Rungholt reportedly sank beneath the waves of the North Sea when a storm tide (known as Grote Mandrenke or Den Store Manddrukning) hit the coast on 15 or 16 January 1362.

Why is Lake Garda full of Germans? ›

It's a simple matter of Geography. Bavaria is close and has as many inhabitants as the whole of Austria and they simply outnumber the Tyroleans that also go to Lake Garda.

What is Germany's most beautiful lake view in winter? ›

For those who've already visited Lake Königssee, it's no wonder that it's often referred to as Germany's most beautiful alpine lake. Located within the boundaries of the Berchtesgaden National Park, it is known for St.

What is the number 1 largest lake in the world? ›

Caspian Sea

What small town has a lake in Germany? ›

Schönau am Königsee. The town of Schönau sits in the lap of the majestic Berchtesgaden Alps, and hugs the shore of Lake Königsee, arguably the most beautiful lake in Germany.

What is the largest privately owned lake in the world? ›

Lake Spivey
LocationGeorgia, USA
Coordinates33°31′00″N 84°17′39″W
Primary inflowsRum Creek, Line Creek
13 more rows

What is the cleanest lake in Germany? ›

The Königssee in Berchtesgadener Land is the deepest, cleanest and one of the most spectacular lakes in Germany.

Does Munich have a lake? ›

Feldmochinger See. Covering an area of ​​165.5 square meters (365 m wide, 860 m long, max. 8 m deep), the Feldmochinger See is the largest lake in Munich city.

What is Lake Maggiore known for? ›

The Maggiore Lake is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful villas, many complete with their own botanical gardens and as being one of the largest lakes in Italy. Lake Maggiore is the second biggest lake in Italy after Lake Garda.

What is the major lake in Germany? ›

The largest lake on German territory is Lake Constance, while Lake Müritz is the largest lake located entirely within German territory.

Which is better Lake Como or Maggiore? ›

Lake Como is undeniably a busy destination to visit during summer, so if it is the peace and tranquillity that you are after, then Lake Maggiore is a better option. But if you wish to explore the lakes with no crowds at all, then visit them in September.

Which is better Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda? ›

It was a close call; there's not much difference between the activities available between Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Both offer sailing, water skiing and paragliding. But Lake Maggiore also has canyoning and the Gordola adventure park – which means it just edges a win against the competition.

What is the prettiest town on Lake Maggiore? ›

One of the prettiest lakeside towns on Lake Maggiore, Cannobio sits on Lake Maggiore's North Western shores. Pretty pastel-coloured facades meet you as you embark the boat and its myriad of cobbled streets are a delight to explore. It's worth making sure you explore the perimeter of the town too.

How to get to Bavarian Alps from Munich? ›

By Air: There is an international airport in Bavaria, Munich International Airport. By Road: One can rent a car and drive to the Bavarian Alps from Berlin (a 5 hour journey) or travel by bus from Germany. By Train: One can travel to the Bavarian Alps from Munich in 1.5 hours by train.

What is the best time of the day to visit Eibsee? ›

The best time of day to visit Eibsee Lake is early in the morning or in the evening. In high summer, days are very long in the Bavarian Alps. The sun rises around 5:40 am and sets around 9 pm. On sunny days, it can get very hot (31°C / 87.8°F) in the afternoon.

Can you swim in Eibsee? ›

The Eibsee has 8 islands and was formed by a huge landslide from the northern flank of the Zugspitze almost 4000 years ago. Numerous picturesque bays and idyllic outdoor swimming areas invite you to relax or swim.

What is the swimming river in Munich? ›

Swimming and boating in the Isar is permitted in certain areas , as is surfing - always at your own risk. The Flaucher is probably the best known Isar beach in Munich and a meeting place for refreshing, relaxing and partying. You can also sail and discover the Isar by raft.

What is the 3 largest lake in Europe? ›

Lake Vanern is the third largest lake located entirely in Europe after lakes Ladoga and Onega, both located in Russia.


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